Monday, January 10, 2011

Notes on a Party

  • Never rush up the elevator without talking to the concierge. And the elevator would only let us up to the 5th floor. Used the stairs and at the landing, doors can not be opened from our side. Had to go down again. Attendant has card key. Epic!

  • Officially my 2nd gay party.

  • First reaction: WTH?!? Servers in wifebeaters. I suspected the worst (or the best ) and immediately texted my housemates, emotional support came pouring in.

  • Soju shots almost every 5 minutes. Soju is 20% alcohol. Had to take a shot in 3 gulps already well before midnight. The sink got clogged in puke, thankfully not mine.

  • Theme song: John Mayer’s “My Stupid Mouth.” A room full of gay guys is a perfect conductor for gossip.

  • Furtive glances.

  • Strippers indeed.
          Strippers indeed, indeed.
  • Got curious, had to tiptoe and crane my neck above the wall of frontliners. Meh. Didn’t excite me that much, wait, this is supposed to be my thing right? Self-doubt ensues. But really, not my thing, that at least I found out. (For now, maybe?) If they had touched each other....

  • He gave me an 8 out of 10. I didn’t even say thank you. Ako na ang autistic at king of awkward. A quicker wit for socializing is urgently needed.

  • Now, I carry mints in my pocket all the time. Why is this?

  • Not-so-furtive glances.

  • A kiss or two. And not with the same person. I think I enjoy kissing, but would enjoy it more if people don’t give it so easily. Even better (pronounced “evan bettah” a la Emma Watson as Hermione) if we’re on some connection.
  • I really, really love their company but sometimes I get the feeling that random kisses and pairings are parts of the bargain. Am I giving off a certain impression? Would I be considered a phony and a hypocrite?

  • Sober and not a hint of an incipient hangover. Level up! All them weaklings. HAHA.

  • Wee hours of the morning and the Baklaan death/pride march (hey bading kami, exaggeration is in order) towards McDo near Shaw station. On the way, guy in a car stared full at our direction for a few seconds, midway a U-turn, o-ha! As they say looks could kill, good thing the roads were empty or he’d have become a real casualty.
  • Breakfast menu showed up on the counter as I heaved past the heavy doors. Big breakfast! Dozing off. The Gibbs Cadiz and Les Miserables freebie, thanks!

  • Today's score: Aleph vs Aleph, 0-2. Because I consider myself as the winner.