Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off-center, part i

I noticed that characters in Wong Kar-Wai's movies rarely find their way to the center of the frame. Technique man yun o mere ornament (not much likely), isa lang ang sigurado ko: para sa'kin lahat ng babae sa mga works niya ay Gorgeous (partly because of my bias for women in cheongsams). Of course, credit also goes to the cinematographer, Christopher Doyle.

Kahit na cigarettes are mega cliches by now, Idol pa rin.

*images from Days of Being Wild, In the Mood for Love, and 2046


  1. I noticed that too, and I also mentioned tat in my review:

    It is photographic technique, I use that in my photographs.

  2. Ui canonista, salamat din sa pagfollow.
    I read your review din, agree, this technique makes you focus more on the character since essentially the rest of the image becomes negative space (gusto ko lang ulit gamitin yung term na to hehe at tunog learned lol). Kay Wong Kar Wai, it also adds a sense of isolation when people on screen seem to want to connect with each other but can't.

    I love 2046, I think it's very poetic, with a kind of style I can access more readily than that of other critically acclaimed films, honestly. Panoorin mo rin yung Days of Being Wild and In the Mood for Love, these 3 form a trilogy. And since 2046 references them, you a get a more enriched viewing :-)

  3. My friends raved about In The Mood for Love for the longest time. I only learned to appreciate it after watching 2046. I must say, I haven't watched Days of Being Wild yet. Will add it to my list. ;)

  4. Juan, I must say guilty din ako dyan (the raving). To me that film is quite a gem, hehe. Watch Days, now na. lol