Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Easy lang, Aleph

You know, sometimes it just hits me, wow, this gay thing is very hard. I get scared when I think about it: the dynamics of same-sex relationships, bias ng ibang tao, machismo, even those basic things like how we should act so people would be accepting and tolerant. Ang dami-daming pressure. Maybe I haven’t just met that too many people yet. Or maybe I am missing out on the bigger picture here, is that life in general?

If only homosexuality is a choice, honestly, I’ve no business here. “That’s all folks” na ako agad. But I guess, that’s life. You’re dealt all kinds of hands along the way, and the game is to play your way through it.


  1. I guess sometimes we think too much about things that do not require the use of our heads.

  2. thanks for the welcome and following, victor!

    agree, sometimes we really do and we can't help it. haha

  3. What's more fucked up is when you're fucked up in the head and this fucked up gay thing fucks you up in the most superlative way (wait, is that redundant?).

    Fucked up huh?

  4. I fucking get what you fucking mean grey.
    thanks din sa follow!

  5. i won't downplay things, because this 'gay thing' can indeed get very, er, complicated, difficult, painful, etal. and, like you, i also wouldn't opt to be gay. in that note i also agree - life is like that. on a positive note thought, like all things, this too is manageable, (if you can put it like that).

    i was supposed to give you a private mail, but i can't find how to in your profile. just so, thanks for dropping by my blog, and am actually glad to drop by yours (nice reads, your entries they are).

  6. Hey Allan! Thanks for dropping by din.

    aye things can indeed get complicated etc, FAST, grabe lang sa challenge ang life ahaha.