Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jogging sa Yuufee at emoness fit

Nalilito na naman ako sa complexity ng bagay-bagay. Ang restless bigla ng pakiramdam ko. Ang dami kasing nangyayari sa'kin lately. 

Solution: Kaya nga nagjogging na lang ako kanina. Hindi naman ako health conscious, nagjojog ako minsan to  clear my head. Saka alam ko endorphins boost your mood (saka para mangcheckout ng guys, hala!). Ang saya kasi at nadiskubre ko na yung optimal pace ko kanina. Steady lang, far in between lang yung walking/rest periods ko at tsiken na lang ang 1 buong ikot sa oval. Hindi ako na-awkwardan sa posture ko, feeling ko nga ang macho ko (syempre delusion lang, malay ko ba mamaya in reality sobrang stiff pala ng galaw ko eh). Pero kasi yung right knee ko parang may permanent injury, sumasakit sya after some time tuwing tatakbo ako. Damn. Gustong-gusto ko pa naman yung tumatakbo with all I've got kahit maikli lang. Nung elem kasi nanalo ako sa 100m dash, at pag naghahabulan kami ako yung hindi nila mahabol kasi may acceleration powers ako. Yabang eh noh?

Ganito na lang. I believe in myself because I have to, and that this is necessary to be able to believe in others. 

So magshashare na naman ako ng tula dahil kailangan kong panindigan ang pagiging emo ko.

Eto ang Horses ni Arkaye Kierulf

I believe in trees.
I believe in birds that live in trees.
I believe that behind every one bird is a sky forever expanding.
I believe all windows look out to the same sky.
I believe in keeping secrets.
I believe there is sincerity in lies.
I believe when the lights go off the furniture keep to their places.
I believe in faith.
I believe that if you believe hard enough you will soon enough be saved.
I believe in walls. That we need them.
I believe in open spaces, that we need them more.
I believe once in a while we crave loneliness.
I believe we need sadness.
I believe in the soft cave of the mouth, in what it has to say, savage and comforting.
I believe in roads and streets, that they lead to ruins.
I believe violence is a plea for mercy.
I believe in the heart's destructive implosions.
I believe behind every painting or picture is a white canvass, complete in itself.
I believe philosophy is difficult and silly; I prefer instead small delicate things like a knife.
I believe Plato's forms do not exist.
I believe behind every space is just another space, and behind that just more space, and so on.
I believe in clouds.
I believe in the divinity of clouds.
I believe mathematics is useless and noble.
I believe in numbers.
I believe that behind all distance is an admission of connectedness, that all space admits of openings.
I believe that everything is open.
I believe inside every mind is an open gun waiting to go off.
I believe the mind is a gun.
I believe behind every face is another face is another face.
I believe some of us would like to be saints but cannot.
I believe some women are virgins.
I believe some women would like to be virgins.
I believe in the inviolable and the insane.
I believe in the quiet dignity of horses.
I believe in the benefits of buying a house.
I believe every house should be surrounded by trees.
I believe in this century, that it is not yet over, that we are on the verge of yet another discovery
I believe our many voices thin out into only one voice.
I believe in the end, but only if it fuels the past to continue expanding.
I believe in the layering of clothes, one on top of another, in the Victorian style.
I believe in skirts and lingerie and long black hair and virtue.
I believe in sin.
I believe in the woman under the man and vice versa.
I believe in the invisible hand, in the wind that lifts the bird and elevates the sky.
I believe in love without proof.
I believe in landscapes.
I believe that behind all love is all love itself, pure and soft and intense.
I believe in things so huge we forget what they're about and why.
I believe in things so small that it's taken us all these years to realize we've seen nothing.


  1. thanks sa blog visit ng alter ego mo. pero mas ok na eto nalang ang lagay ko sa link ko, the personal part of aleph

  2. Ang drama ba hehe. Maraming salamat jinjiruks! Followed you na rin :-)

  3. hehehe emo.hahahaha peace!

  4. hi aleph nice blog just followed you. hope u'l follow me too thanks!

  5. thanks plur (ang haba kasi), follow din kita.

  6. I didn't read the poem. Because I don't like poems in the same way that you don't like that new kid just because. But as far as everything else goes, or went, or ran, or jogged, then I, I don't know. I don't do as much clean living as I used to ten years ago. This smoking thing is killing me, but I'd rather live a short life if I can make the most of it.

    Cheers, Aleph, Mabuhay Ka! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  7. Live fast, Die Young ka pala Momel. Well, clean living is overrated. I would smoke a lot more, but I can't take the stink of nicotine on my fingers, OC haha. We're on the opposite sides of the spectrum I see, ok sakin ang mahabang life, all the boring, inconsequential, and miserable parts included. I say, bring it on, Life.

    cheers from somewhere in the citehh!